Presenting Our Grand Champions, Grand Premiers,
Regional & National Winning Cats...

TruTails "Legends"

TruTails Maine Coon Cats has a select and careful breeding program. We bring together pedigreed Maine Coon Cats that are our "ideal" in type, size, coat, & health, in the effort to produce excellent examples of the Maine Coon Cat breed . . . below you will see the results of our efforts! Please judge our success for yourself!

The 2003-2004 TruTails "Legends"

After tagging along as a kitten with his "Uncle Finn" during the 2002-03 show season, GC, RW TruTails Cabrito de Durango (Durango) came into his own while competing as a Grand Champion during the 2003-04 show season!

Durango only attended 18 shows during entire the show year, yet he ended the season as CFA's 6th BEST Maine Coon in the Nation and as the 14th Best All-breed cat in the GSR. In addition Durango was the region's 3rd Best Maine Coon.

Durango's gentle nature, along with his awesome size won him a faithful fan club in our area. Don't be surprised if you see him out and about occasionally next year... "just for fun!"

Durango Kid
14th BEST Cat
in the GSR !

NMCCC ~ 2003
Best Of The Best
Maine Coon Kitten

GC, TruTails Kaleidoscope is quite a girl! Following in her parents tradition Kali 'WOWed' the judges. Starting out the first weekend of the 2003-04 show season as a 4-month old kitten Kali promptly walked away with the BEST OF THE BEST trophy from the National Maine Coon Cat Club show! She went on to may shows as the highest scoring kitten in show. Too bad the time of the season didn't provide the 'count' necessary for a regional win as a kitten!

Kali went on to become a grand champion in one show plus one ring! She had accrued over 190 points in her first show as a champion and receiving the purple was enough for her to become a Grand in the first ring of the next show! Kali is a very special girl!

We owe our good friend Paula another debt of gratitude for once again showing a TruTails cat with such dedication! This season Paula showed GP, TruTails Gamblin' Man (aka Maverick) to the title of Grand Premier. Maverick wasn't sure he liked the show scene, but he tolerated it with loads of support from Paula!

Maverick is dripping in coat, has a wonderful pattern, and fabulous type. We're confident if he'd love showing as much as Paula he would be another Regional Winner. Oh well, he's a Winner in our hearts!

We're justifiably proud of GC, Texas Belle Baci of TruTails.Baci is not only another Grand Champion female in our breeding program, but she was the first of 5 kittens in her litter to Grand! Along with her four littermate brothers they earned their mother the title of DM! Baci has the distinction of being the only girl!

A month younger than Kali, Baci followed her lead in becoming an easy Grand Champion. She also granded in only two shows! Quite an accomplishment!

The 2002-2003 TruTails "Legends"

Finnegan Bell

BEST Maine Coon

in the GSR !

Following a highly successful career as a kitten, Finnegan started out with a bang in Championship, making 5 finals in his open show in Pamoma, CA. at the Los Colores Show. The next week only got better... going to Omaha as a Champion, Finn became TruTails first "ONE SHOW "Baby" GRAND" requiring only five rings!

GC, RW, TruTails Great Expectations (aka Finnegan) is CFA's 2002-03 show season's 4th Highest Scoring Maine Coon and the 58th Highest Scoring Allbreed Cat in the Nation. Finn is also CFA Gulfshore Region's BEST Maine Coon Cat and 6th Highest Scoring Allbreed Cat. Can you tell we are proud! (The Gulfshore Region is comprised of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Southern Kansas and Eastern Tennessee.)

GP, RW TruTails Cruisin' On Down... We want to say a huge THANK YOU to Cruiser's owner Paula Miller-Perry for showing this handsome boy so well!!! Paula not only Granded Cruiser in Premiership during the 2001-02 show season, she then showed him to a Regional Win in Premiership during the last few months of the 2002-03 season. Cruiser finished as the 20th Best Allbreed Premiership Cat in the Gulf Shore Region. Cruiser was the 4th Best Maine Coon in the Region in Premiership ~ the competition in Premiership this year was phenominal!

20th BEST Premier
in the GSR


GC, TruTails Chip Off The Ol'Block was TruTails first Grand of the 2002-03 show season. Chip is a very handsome Brown Mackerel Tabby / White male.

Chip decided showing really wasn't his favorite thing. He retired from the show ring on a high note recieving the award of BEST CAT in his last ring. Chip now lives "Happy Ever After" with a family in Fort Collis where he is the "star" of the show everyday!

GP, Trutails Bardalino ~ One of TruTails' FIVE Grand Champion and /or Premiers during the 2002-03 show season, Bardo is owned and shown by Patty Berg.

We sincerely appreciate Patty's dedication. Her love for Bardo and pride in him is always evident. Thank you Patty! Way to go Bardalino!!!

Called Orion for the pattern of her black on her back, GP, Trutails Rhianna's Choice is the fifth TruTails grand of the 2002-03 show season. This beautiful girl "stole" the limelight at the final show of the season in Colorado Springs.

As soon as this litter was born, Rhianna informed us that the kitten with the black spot on it's chin was "her choice!" So it felt only right that Orion go to our son Troy and his family following the death of our beloved granddaughter Rhianna.


The 2001-2002 TruTails "Legends"

Ask us if we like a challenge?. . . our answer will be a resounding YES! And it certainly is a challenge to show a Maine Coon in a non-traditional color. As you can see by his photo it's hard to "see" a black cat, even when he weighs a solid 19 + pounds.

GC, RW, TruTails Satchmo had one advantage, he LOVED the show and everything about it. In addition, under his plain black wrapper he is one hell of a Maine Coon! Satchmo prooved his quality by ending the 2001-02 show season as the BEST Solid Color Maine Coon in the Nation & the 17th best cat in the Gulf Shore Region!

CFA's BEST Solid Color Maine Coon in the NATION!

BEST Maine Coon
Kitten in the GSR!

This remarkable Calico girl did herself proud ~ even with the funny "blotch" on her face ~ GC, RW, TruTails Calypso became the BEST Maine Coon Kitten in the GSR, and Eleventh Best Allbreed Kitten.

Calypso went on to grand in the first ring of the day in her second show as a champion! Not to shabby for our little "funny face girl!"

We're extremely proud to announce our first Trutails female is a Grand Champion! No easy accomplishment for a girl, you see the Maine Coon standard is written for the bigger males, but GC, TruTails Lil'Fancypants proved herself to be competitive with the boys, including her littermate Satchmo! Fancy was even able to become a "One Show Grand" in the Denver TICA show... what a handsome Girl!


The 2000-01 "Legends" of Trutails

GC, Dragonmaine Annika-Seti of Trutails was the first female grand champion "of TruTails!" She is a nice big girl with surprising weight. She has the "purr"fect silky, shaggy Maine Coon coat.

GC, Texas Belle Bit-O-Honey of Trutails followed quickly on the heels of Annika-Seti to become the second Grand Champion girl in our breeding program. In addition Honey was almost a RW kitten, just falling out of the top Twenty Kittens in the GSR the last month in the 2000-01 show season! You've gotta love those lynx tips!


The 1999-2000 "Legends" of Trutails

This handsome boy is the first CFA Regional Winner in TruTails breeding program. GC, RW Kankoonkats Lil'Britches came to us already a Grand Champion, but it was our pleasure to show "BabyJeans" to his position as 16th Best Allbreed Cat. 2nd Best Brown Tabby/White and 3rd Best Maine Coon in the Gulf Shore Region. What an accomplishment for our first year showing in CFA!

GP, RW Kankoonkats Snickers is our first Maine Coon ~ yes he is to blame for the whole "TruTails" gang... not that he sired any of them. But after owning and showing such a handsome and wonderful cat we were addicted! Snickers was the 17th Best Cat in Premiership in the Gulf Shore Region of CFA and we only showed him 4 months of the 1999-00 show season, imagine what he might have done had he been shown all season. Snickers was also a Regional Winner in TICA's Great Plains Region two years in a row, in 1999-00 he was 13th Best Alter and the following year he was 18th Best Alter! We love you Snickers!!!

GP, RW, Kankoonkats Buster Bocephus is our second Maine Coon and a grand premier. Bo shares equally in the responsibility for the existance of the whole TruTails Gang... you can read about TruTails Beginnings and the story of Bo and Snickers. Bo was a RW in the Great Plains Region of TICA as 18th Best Kitten during the 1999-00 show season and in 2000-01 as an adult he was 20th Best Premier in the GPR, Although not a regional winner in CFA, Bo showed himself wonderfully and just missed the title of RW in the GSR due to time out of the show circut when our granddaughter Rhianna was fataly ill. Bo is certainly a winner in our eyes!


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