GC, RW, TruTails Calypso


SIRE: GC, RW Kankoonkats Lil'Britches
DAM: GC, Dragonmaine Isabo
DOB: January 24, 2001

GC, RW, TruTails CalypsoCalypso is a very special girl. We bred this lovely girl by leasing GC, Dragonmaine's Isabo from Gary & Trish Sullens in Oklahoma City, OK. Isabo is a wonderful Calico Grand Champion with truly vibrant color. It was our hope when we bred Isabo to GC, RW Kankoonkats Lil'Britches that we would create an equally lovely calico girl of our own. We certainly got our wish!!!

Calypso is even more special now ~ her Dam, GC Dragonmaine Isabo died very suddenly and unexpectedly on July 2, 2001. Calypso will have to carry on with the Isabo tradition for type, presence in the show hall, but mostly for her attitude and "purr"sonality!

We are very happy and relieved to get the autopsy results on Isabo and know that the cause of her death was not a genetic / hereditary problem. We are really excited about Calypso's impact in our breeding program. We are already watching the show halls for her future mate.

Calypso Calypso has WONDERFUL intense color with the big splotches of Black & Red on White that is desired in a Calico. But underneath the Color is what really makes this girl so spectacular. Best KittenShe has wonderful head type, large well set ears, lynx tips, and tremendous boning. We think this girl has it all! The challenge is going to be to get the judges to "see" the perfect Maine Coonprofile underneath the funny "paint." One CFA judge even said, "Whoever 'painted' this cat must have been drunk!" Calypso went on to acquire 36 finals in her kitten career, and enough points to make a Gulf Shore Regional Win. Coongraduations are in order... Calypso earned enough points as a kitten to be the 11th best kitten in the Gulf Shore Region. She went on to Grand in two shows at the Salt Lake City show in November, 2001.

Calypso had her long awaited date with GC RW Witchbreeds Hoffbrau of Coonunski,take a peek at her first litter.

Calypso's second litter was with TruTails own Finnegan (aka GC, RW TruTails Great Expectations) The kittens were born the end of October, 2002. What a colorful bunch! We have never had a litter that purred as loud as these six! We love them all, but find ourselves with "high hopes" for her daughter Trutails Kaleidoscope to follow in her footsteps in the show ring.

Our Beloved Calypso developed an intussusception shortly after weaning her second litter, she waits for us at the rainbow bridge where we are certain she is giving headbutts to our Granddaughter Rhianna and her dam Isabo.


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