GC, TruTails Lil'Fancypants


SIRE: GC, RW, Kankoonkats Lil'Britches
DAM: CH, Coonyham Tallulah of TruTails

DOB: October 3, 2000

A warm Brown Tabby with low White, Fancypants has a perfect classic (or blotched) tabby pattern. She is the first generation of "TruTails" breeding queens. SheFancy is the result of our first breeding of GC, RW, Kankoonkats Lil'Britches and CH Coonyham Tallulah of TruTails. We are really excited about TruTails Lil'Fancypants!

In her first show as a champion she was awarded breed ribbons over grand champion males. Her boning is phenominal, she is a large, solid girl and she has exactly the "look" we had in mind when we started our breeding program and chose her parents as our first breeding pair. We think she is near perfect.

We plan to continue to show Fancy during the 2001-02 show season. She has a great attitude in the show hall, and is a real show-off on the judging table. We have had so much fun showing her, it will be hard when, all to soon, she will need to stay home and take up her role as "mom."

Congratulations to "GC TruTails Lil'Fancypants" for becoming the second TruTails Grand Champion in CFA! We are also very proud to announce Fancy is a ONE SHOW GRAND in TICA!!! Wow! what a girl!

In early January, 2002 Fancy had her long awaited "date" with LaPalomaAzul Carson of TruTails. Her first kittens were born in March, what a handsome bunch of babies! Like everything else, Fancy took to motherhood with a vengence. We sure do love this girl!


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