GP, RW, Kankoonkats Snickers of TruTails


Sire: GC, NW, Kankoonkats Leviticus
Dam: CH, Glynnwold Hatie Zblu of Kankoonkats
DOB - September 15, 1998

Our FIRST Maine Coon, GP, RW, Kankoonkats Snickers is a Warm Brown Mackerel Tabby altered male. Snickers was 6 months old when he came to live with us, but he quickly adapted. SnickersWe were truly impressed with his calm disposition. Snickers had never seen a dog before he met Wiley, our 6 year old Chow/Shepard mix, but Snickers was amazingly diplomatic, and soon had Wiley retreiving his toys for him!

As the oldest Maine Coon in our household, Snickers is the peacemaker. He keeps order amoung the breeding "girls" and he's always available to show the new kittens the "ropes." He is our self-appointed alarm clock ~ let me tell you, it's impossible to sleep through a 16+ pound cat sitting on your chest telling it's time for breakfast.

With his fabulous coat and wonderful "table presence" Snickers was a natural on the show scene. At our first CFA show he made 5 of 6 finals as an Open. We didn't really realize how special that was at the time, but we were well and truly bitten by the show bug. Snickers became a Grand Premier in CFA in 7 rings ~ almost a one show grand, he only needed two points in his 7th ring!!! Snickers balance and type make him a favorite in TICA as well, where he is a Double Grand Champion.

Snickers loved everything about showing, from the crowds of admirers around his benching area to the applause he received as his "due." He would stand on the judging table and survey his "kingdom." He was known to "schmooze" the judges, and seemed to know that a little well timed purring, and a few headbutts would help his cause. What "presence" he had and what a treat it was to show this wonderful boy! Snickers was fully deserving of the many "Best Cat" awards he received during his show career.

In our first year we were able to show Snickers to Regional Wins as both CFA's Gulf Shore Region, as 17th Best Cat in Permiership, & 13th Best Alter in TICA's Great Plains Region. Not too shabby for two "newbies" to the Cat Fancy. Of course if you have a good cat... anything is possible! In addition, the following year Snickers was the 18th Best Cat in the Great Plains Region of TICA!



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