GC, Dragonmaine Annika-Seti of TruTails

Annika Seti
SIRE: GC, RW, XTC In Like Flint of Dragonmaine
DAM: GC, Daddys One-In-A-Million of Dragonmaine, DM
DOB: February 2, 2000

A lovely Brown Classic Tabby with High White, Annika is a large boned, long-bodied girl, and when it comes to disposition ~ this girl is "purr-fect!!!" Her shaggy coat is silky to the touch and truly carefree, Anniks Setiand just look at that muzzle and those ears! She became a Grand Champion in CFA in December 2000, at just 10 months of age!!! Quite the accomplishment for a female Maine Coon, since the breed standard is written for the males. What a beautiful girl!!!

Dragonmaine Annika-Seti of TruTails came by her name from her face markings ~ we were reminded of the "Borg" Seven-of-Nine on the TV show Star Trek Journey. However, we prefered Seven's "human name" Annika, which means beautiful. Her breeders had been calling her SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) so that was included.

Annika LOVED the show hall and everything about showing. She was so content on the judges table that they often commented on the fact that she was purring. Annie is such a large boned, big girl that every judge who saw her for the first time checked to see if she was actually a male!

Annie has settled in to her new role as a mom with ease. She is very attentive to her kittens, and can often be found nursing other kittens as well. Best of all, she still PURRS constantly!

Many thanks to her breeders, Gary & Trish Sullens of Dragonmaine Cattery in Oklahoma City, for trusting us with this lovely girl!!!



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