GC, Texas Belle Baci of TruTails

Sire: GC, RW, Idlemaine Butler of Texas Belle
Dam: GC, Coonunnski Barbie of Texas Belle
DOB: January 11, 2003

GC, Texas Belle Baci of TruTails is a stunning girl with phenominal size and boning. It's only her HOT RED patching that gives her away as a female. In addition, Baci has the most incredible mackerel tabby pattern, something not always seen on patch girls. Baci's deep eye color, and wonderful ears and ear set are additional reasons we were so happy to add this beautiful girl to our breeding program.

Baci's name is from the Italian sweet - a rich chocolate kiss that is only 1/2 as sweet as she is! Baci has a purr that won't quit, but it's her type that makes her such a "PURR"fect choice, the fact that Baci carries both non-agouti and dilute make her even more desirable for our breeding program. We can hardly wait to see the TruTails kittens she will produce.

On the show scene, Baci had several best kitten awards to her credit. She went on to become a Grand Champion in two shows an accomplishment envied by many of the larger (well maybe a bit bigger) Maine Coon males. Baci also has the distinction of being the first grand champion for her mama "Barbie" - who went on to become a 'one litter' D.M.!

We can't thank Elizabeth (Betsy) Gaither - Texas Belle Cattery - enough for this wonderful girl. Check out Baci's Kitten page for Baci's first liter in spring of 2004.



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