GC, RW, TruTails Great Expectations

SIRE: GC, NW, Kankoonkats Leviticus
DAM: CH, Coonyham Tallulah of TruTails
DOB: December 6, 2001

GC, RW, Trutails Great Expectations, aka Finnegan, was the last kitten born in the second litter of CH, Coonyham Tallulah of Trutails, we had a feeling from birth that this was one very special kitten. Finn responded to the people in his life even before his eyes were open. He was the first one to come greet us whenever we entered the room and when we spoke to him he'd come to the door of the birthing box and talk back to us.

We always give our TruTails kittens "baby names" and he "told us" his name was Finnegan or Finn. As he and his "twin" brother Danny ~ CH, Trutails D'Artangan ~ started to mature we knew we had produced the "look" we were after when we started breeding Maine Coons.

We were really impressed by the their expression, ear size and set, wonderful boxy muzzles, great boning, fabulous patterns... for the longest time the only way we could tell them apart was Finn's tail, he had the looooongest tail! We found ourselves having "Great Expectations" for these boys, so when it came time to choose a registered name we thought what better than to name Finn after the movie based on Charles Dickens book, "Great Expectations." The lead character in the movie is "Finnegan Bell" ~ it couldn't be more perfect!

We are proud to say Finnegan has certainly lived up to our Great Expectations for him... he has grown into a fabulous brown mackerel tabby male. Finn has "everything" according to more than one judge. He had a very good show career as a kitten, even with the low kitten counts in the summer months. He ended his kitten career as the highest scoring longhair kitten in show. Finn continued this trend the next weekend at the CFA show in Los Colores as an open competing for his winners ribbons, he was named Best of Breed in one ring, 2nd Best of Breed in 5 other rings and made a total of Five Top 10 Finals ~ we were thrilled about his success. But it only gets better... the very next week at 8 months & one week of age, Finnegan went to his first show as a champion in CFA and in six rings achieved the title of GRAND CHAMPION ~ He became TruTails first ONE SHOW "BABY" GRAND!!! Then in his first show as an 8 month old, Grand Champion Finn continued his success in the show ring by becoming the highest scoring cat in show at the CFA Spokane Cat Club Show in Pasco WA.

By 9 months of age Finn was over 15 pounds, his boning is incredible. His summer coat is as good as it gets. He has an almost perfect combination of looks and temperament from his sire GC, BW, NW, Kankoonkats Leviticus and his dam CH, Coonyham Tallulah of TruTails. We see the best of both parents in his expression and awesome body.

To see Finnegan in the show hall during the 2002-03 show season visit the At The Show page.

"Coon"gratulations Finn!!! Old enough to show in Championship competition for only 8 months of CFA's 2002-03 show season, Finnegan finished as the Fourth Best Maine Coon in the Nation, close behind CFA's third highest scoring Maine Coon. In addition, he finished as the 58th best Allbreed Cat nationally. He is the 2002-03's Gulf Shore Region Best Maine Coon and 6th best Allbreed Cat. (The Gulf Shore encompasses Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and parts of Kansas & Tennessee.)

One of Finn & Calypso's daughters, TruTails Kaleidoscope was one of the TruTails Legends during the show season of 2003-2004. Kali received the honor of being highest scoring Maine Coon Kitten in the National Maine Coon Cat Club show and went on to become a grand champion in one show plus one ring! Can't wait to see what Finn's offspring do this year.....


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