GC, RW, TruTails Cabrito de Durango

SIRE: GC, RW LaPalomaAzul Carson of TruTails
DAM: GC, TruTails Lil'Fancypants
DOB: March 6, 2002

GC, RW, Trutails Cabrito de Durango, was first born kitten in a litter of four born to our GC, Trutails Lil'Fancypants. Durango got his name following a trip to visit our kids in Durango, Colorado. We were talking about the "Durango Kid," and thought that was the perfect name for our feral looking kitten at home, Cabrito de Durango is Spanish for Durango Kid.

Durango has the loooooongest tail we had ever seen on a kitten, and even as an adult it's pretty awsome! This handsome warm brown classic / white boy did very well in the show hall as a kitten, even in his role as "tag along" while we were focused on Finnegan, GC, RW Trutails Great Expectations.

Durango became a Grand Champoin in CFA during the winter of 2002-03 show season. Then he stayed home for the rest of the show year to grow and wait for his turn in the show halls. And GROW he did! We are very pleased with how well this Gentle Giant developed, at 21 plus pounds this boy is HUGE, he has a slightly feral look that proved to do very well in CFA.

We anticipate this handsome boy continuing Carson's lines in our breeding program... the first female we have on his "dance card" is GC, Dragonmaine Annika-Seti of Trutails. We think these two will produce some stunning kittens.

'Coon'gratulations are in order!!! Durango ended the 2003 - 2004 show year as CFA's Sixth Best Maine Coon in the Nation, 3rd Best Maine Coon in the Gulfshore Region. In addition he was the 14th best allbreed cat in the Gulfshore Region, and finished in the top 100 albreed cats nationally. And he did this in only 19 Shows, quite an accomplishment. YEP, you guessed it... we are proud parents!

Just wait until you see his offspring in the show halls! It just keeps getting better!



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