Calypso's Kittens

~ Calypso's Second Litter ~
Three Males, Three Females
Born: Oct, 2002

Finnegan X Calypso

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Finnegan Bell
Sire: GC,RW Trutails Great Expectations

Dam: GC, RW, TruTails Calypso

If you are interested in adopting a kitten you will need to read our General Placement Information and submit a TruTails Questionnaire to reserve a spot on our waiting list.

Fun In The "Snow" ~ At Seven Weeks Old

TruTails Star Hoku Splotchy

Brown Classic/White ~ Male
"Is this how you make a snowman?"
Star is now living with Dr. Charlie

TruTails Gabrielle

Black ~ Female
"At least you can see me in the snow"
Gabby is now living in Palmer Lake, CO with Kellee and Family

TruTails Shenanigan
Red Tabby ~ Male
"Turn left, Turn left darn it"
Shenanigan is now living in Bayfield with
Madison, Dani, Lisa and Greg

TruTails Ruby Slippers
Tortie ~ Female
"Let snow, Let it snow, Let it snow..."
Ruby is now living with
Mary, Robin and Taylor


TruTails Kaleidoscope
Brown Patch Tabby/White ~ Female
"Next Year I'm Going To Learn How To Snowboard"
Kali is going to try out the show scene for a while

TruTails Rascal
Brown Mac Tabby ~ Male
"How do I make it go faster"
Rascal has gone on to be with our granddaugher Rhianna ~ we love and miss you both!

Kittens at Almost 4 Weeks Old
The Beanie Bunch


My name is Kaleidoscope
I'm wild and crazy, as you can see
Other Cats want to be just like me
Some may say I look like a clown
But I'm the coolest Cat in town

Mom says that I'm a Patch Tabby/White
Dad says I might be a Calico
All I know is that I'm a girl and I
think that I am really cute

My name is Shenanigan
I'll bring you luck the
whole Year through,
If you keep me close to you

I'm a Red boy and I'm hungry all the time

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My name is Groovy
Wearing colors of the rainbow,
Making good friends wherever I go
Take me with you, Don't let me stay
I need your love all night and day

My human Mom says that I'm a Tortie, whatever that is.
She also says that I'm a Girl
My cat name is really Pistol

My name is Rascal
Hear me giggle
and watch me dance
I'll make you laugh
so give me a chance

I'm a Brown Mac Tabby Boy just like my Daddy Finn

My name is Mystic
Keep Mystic with you
She's a prize
You'll see the magic
in her eyes

I'm a Black Girl with no stripes or anything. My uncle Satchmo says that it's ok to be Black.


My name is Tumbles
A little bit naughty, I'm known to be
Make sure you don't take your eyes off me

Hi, I'm a Brown Tabby/White Boy. Mom says that I might be a classic. I think I'm hungry.


~ Calypso's First Litter ~
Three Males
Born: April, 2002

Hoffbräu X Calypso

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Sire: GC, RW, Witchbreeds Hoffbrau of Coonunnski

Dam: GC, RW, TruTails Calypso

Kittens at 11 Weeks

TruTails Rocky RaCoon
~Black Male ~
"Rocky" is making his home with Rachel, Jenna, Elizabeth, Rich and Trutails Apache Rose in Highlands Ranch, CO.

TruTails Wildfire
~Red Male ~
"Duffy," is living in Grand Island NE with a loving family.

TruTails Nike Maximus Dimitris
~Black Male ~
"Max" joined Amy, Matt, Texas Belle B.Fancy Hannah
and Thaddeus in Parker, CO.

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