2004-05 Show Season

Our Show Crew
GC, TruTails Lil'Fancypants ~ TruTails Kiss Me Kate ~ TruTails Sam I Am
TruTails Honky Tonk Hero (aka Willie) ~ TruTails Kokopelli ~ TruTails Gandalf
CH, Witchbrews Zauberer of TruTails ~ CH, Coondavi Born 2BA Diva! of TruTails

occasional appearances by:
GC, RW, TruTails Great Expectations
~ GC, RW, TruTails Cabrito de Durango

PR, TruTails Sam I Am

Other TruTails Cats Being Shown
~ CH, TruTails Syrah of SpiritHill ~ CH, TruTails Belinda Belle of Ele'cats ~
~ CH, TruTails Sinead of Miaw ~
CHA, PR, TruTails Highlander (AKA Dunchan) ~
CH, TruTails Cherokee of Furaido ~ TruTails Nashville Rebel (AKA Rowdy) ~






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TruTails'tentative' SHOW SCHEDULE FOR 2004-05!
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May 1-2, 2004

Mesquite, TX

May 15-16, 2004
Creative Cats Club

Omaha, NE

June 5-6, 2004
GSR Awards Show

Houston, TX


July 3-4, 2004
Colorado Cat Fanciers

Longmont, CO

Aug 21-22, 2004
Cat Fanciers

Omaha (Bellevuw), NE
Aug 28-29, 2004
MO-KAN Cat Club

Kansas City, MO

Sep 11-12, 2004
Rocky Mountain Cat Fanciers

Colo Springs, CO

Sep 18-19, 2004
Topeka Cat Fanciers

Topeka, KS
Sep 25, 2004
Foot of the Rockies
Cat Club

Denver (Aurora), CO
Oct 9-10, 2003
GSR Qualifier

Mesquite, TX
Oct 16-17, 2003
Sandhills Cat Club

Hastings, NE
Nov 19-21, 2003
CFA International
Cat Show

Houston, TX
Nov 27-28, 2003
OKC Cat Club

Oklahoma City, OK
Jan 15-16, 2005
Cowboy Country
Cat Club

Loveland, CO
Feb 5-6, 2005
Wichita Cat Fanciers

Wichita, KS
Feb 19-20, 2005
Front Range Cat Fanciers

Brighton, CO
Feb 26-27, 2005
Lincoln Cat Club

Lincoln, NE
Mar 5, 2005
Roadrunners Cat Fanciers

Albuquerque, NM
Apr 9-10, 2005
Foot of the Rockies Cat Club

Denver, CO
Apr 23-24, 2005
Rocky Mountain Cat Fanciers

Colo Springs, CO

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