CH, Witchbrews Zauberer of TruTails

SIRE: Witchcats Smoke on the Water
DAM: Witchbrews The Root
DOB - July 9, 2002

Witchbrews Zauberer of Trutails, Z'bear as he is called, is a striking Black Smoke with White male. The word "Zauberer" means Wizard or Sorcerer in German and with his "look" and the fact that he is a master of illusion ~ it seemed the "purr"fect name for this handsome cat! You see a"black smoke" appears to be a "black cat" in repose, but when in motion you see their beautiful white undercoat, a true sourcerer.

Genetically a black smoke is a cat that carries both the non-agouti gene (an absence of tabby pattern) and the silver gene which creates it's white undercoat. In addition to his stunning color, Z has a beautiful silky, flowing coat. He is a very handsome, typie boy that is going to be a large cat with fabulous boning. He is a wonderful addition to our breeding program. Thru him we will be able to produce more smoke kittens as well as non-agouti and silver babies.

Z'bear came to live at our house from Witchbrews Cattery in Germany. Petra Riedel contacted us about a kitten and before we knew it Trudie was flying to Germany with three friends. They spent a wonderful week in Germany visiting several breeders, delivering kittens ~ TruTails Goldbear-of-Witchbreeds, & Coonhusker Herby Hancook ~ then flying home with Z'bear! What a fabulous experience!

At the time of this writing Z'bear has achieved the title of Champion in CFA. He is now working on Grand Champion points. Zauberer has decided that showing maybe okay for a little while. We hope he'll tolerate it at least long enough to achieve Grand Champion status. You can check on his progress on the At The Show page.

One judge asked us why we were showing a "wacko" colored Maine Coon so soon after we showed our "minority color" solid Black boy, Satchmo, to a Regional win. Ask us if we like a challenge... our answer will be a resounding YES!



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