1999 ~ 2000 Show Season

Featuring The 1999-00 Season's Show Crew
~ GP, RW Kankoonkats Snickers ~ GP, Kankoonkats Buster Bocephus ~
~ GC, RW, Kankoonkats Lil'Britches ~
Also starring Coonyham Tallulah of TruTails as a kitten.


GC, RW Kankoonkats Lil'Britches of TruTails

Dennis & Lil'Britches ~ Now that's one "BIG Cat!!!"
Lil'Britches weighed about 18lbs here, he tips the scales at a whopping 21 pounds of pure muscle at 2 years of age.


GP, RW Kankoonkats Snickers of TruTails

Trudie & Snickers ~ Look at that magnificent coat!!!


GP, Kankoonkats Buster Bocephus of TruTails

Bo getting points toward his Grand Premier Title, AND making the Top Ten in this final!!!
What a Handsome Boy ~ Bocephus ALWAYS stood on the table ~ no lazy boy act for him.

CH Coonyham Tallulah of TruTails

Tallulah decided she didn't like the show hall much,
she liked the people ~ But NOT the other cats.



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