Coondavi Born 2BA Diva! of TruTails

SIRE: GC, RW, ABCcats Buster's Magic Spirit
DAM: CH, Coondavi Escada
DOB: September 9, 2003

GC, Coondavi Born 2BA Diva! of TruTails is a dense black/white Tuxedo female. She is a very heavy boned, large girl who is the first Grand Champion female from Coondavi's cattery and she is destined to be the only one... her breeder, Vicki, has retired from breeding. This makes Diva just that much more special to us! Diva earned her name during her first few days in her new home... she truly was "born to be a DIVA!" She flaunted her way thru the house and straight into our hearts!

We are very excited about the qualities Diva brings to TruTails. Under her solid coat Diva carries a classic pattern, she has a very nice distribution of white, her eye color is deep and very clear. She has lynx tips that are almost a mile long, and you can not find a deeper black anywhere equal to our very own Satchmo ~ a possible future mate for Diva. I'm most excited about the strength of the muzzle and chin on this girl!

After a brief career in the show hall successfully earning the required 200 grand points ~ plus some ~ Diva will have her long awaited FIRST date with Finnegan sometime in the autumn or early winter 2004. We think these two will produce some stunning kittens!

With the exceptional color, combined size, extrordinary type and 'purr'sonality of these two we anticipate some very spectacular kittens! How could we miss? I suggest you watch for these 'coonlets' in the showhalls next year! I promise you we can hardly wait!!! Maybe you'll see us showing another solid black Maine Coon.


Diva's Kittens

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