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Maine Coon Information:
~ Maine Coon FAQ Fanciers Breed-faqs/maine-coon
~ Maine Coon Breed Profile CFA MaineCoon Profile
~ Maine Coon Breed Standard (CFA) CFA MC standard
~ Maine Coon Breed Standard (TICA) TICA MC standard
~ Maine Coon CFA Breed Council CFA MCBC
~ Maine Coon Breeders & Fanciers Association MCBFA
~ Maine Coon General Information The Gentle Giants
~ Maine Coon Seminar by Beth Hicks MC Seminar
Maine Coon Heritage Site Pawpeds Heritage
~ Maine Coon Archives Site MC Archive
~ Maine Coon Pedigree Database Pawpeds MCO

Feline Registry Associations / Regions / Cat Clubs:
~ Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) www.cfainc.org
~ The International Cat Association (TICA) www.tica.org
~ American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) www.acfacat.com

~ CFA Gulf Shore Region www.CFAgulfshore.org
~ TICA SouthWest Region www.regions&clubs/
~ National Maine Coon Cat Club (NMCCC) www.NMCCC.com
~ Cowboy Country Cat Fanciers (CCCF) ~ Northern Colorado http://www.cccfinc.org
~ Colorado Cat Fanciers (CCF) http://cfashows.net/ccf/
~ Foot of the Rockies (FRCC)~ Denver, Colorado www.footoftherockiescc.org

General Cat Topics:
~ CFA Cattery Standard www.cfainc.org/articles/cattery-standard.html
~ CFA Judge ~ Bob Zenda http://bobzenda.org/
~ Cage Curtains Made Easy ~ by TruTails EasyCageCurtainInstructions
~ Dr. Susan ~ Feline DVM www.catvet.homestead.com
~ How to find your Dream Kitten Dream Kitten Article
~ Indoors ~ The Safe Place For Your Cat www.cfainc.org/articles/safer-indoors.html
~ Kitten/Cat Care Information by, TruTails kitten/cat care
~ Online Bookstore/suggested reading Cat Books
~ Poisonous' Plants and Your Cat www.cfainc.org/articles/plants.html
~ Pet Loss / Grieving www.petloss.com
~ Show Cats Online Magazine www.showcatsonline.com/

Maine Coon Breeder/Friends:
~ BigSinclairs - Petra Viestenz, Wildeshausen BigSinclairs in Germany
~ Coonunnski - Lynn Nunn/Kim Czajkowski, Oklahoma Coonunnski Cats
~ Coonyham - Laura/Sharon Cunningham, Pleasanton, CA Coonyham Maine Coon Cats
~ Furaido Maine Coons - Hitomi Ooyama, Japan
FURAIDO in Japan
~ Miaw - Lisa/Andrew Fuller, Texas Miaw Maine Coons
~ Suntaj - Sunny Lodge/Ambeur Johnson, Loveland, CO (email only) Suntaj Cats
~ Swanycoon - Annette Swanberg, Nebraska (email only) Swanycoon Cattery
~ S*Ylletrollets - Ulrika Olsson, Bäsna, Sweden S*Ylletrollets Maine Coon Cats
~ Terrificats/Lovabacon - Karen Crooke, Texas (email only) Terrificats Maine Coons
~ Texas Belle - Elizabeth (Betsy) Gaither, Bellville, TX TexasBelle Maine Coon Cats
~ Thatdarncat - Debra McNall, Texas ThatDarnCat Maine Coons
~ Witchcats/Witchbrews - Petra/Hans Riedel, Oldenburg Witchcats in Germany

Just For Fun!

~ Pine Needle Art ~ Baskets & Vasketts www.pineneedlepots.com
~ Troy Allen Photography and Design www.troyallen.com
~ Cat Stuff ~ Cat Graphics www.xmission.com/~emailbox/catstuhgff.htm

In Loving Memory:
Rhianna Rae Allen ~ April 14, 1994 ~ April 12, 2001