CH, TruTails All That Jazz

SIRE: GC, RW TruTails Satchmo
DAM: CH, Coohusker Celeste Azul of TruTails
DOB: December 2, 2002

CH, Trutails All That Jazz is a very typie girl! She has a beatuiful coat and wonderful head type. On the outside she's a 'ordinary' brown classic girl... BUT she has a very diverse genetic make-up! From her sire GC, RW, TruTails Satchmo she inherits the gene for non-agouti (the absence of tabby markings), from her dam CH, Coonhusker Celeste Azul of TruTails she gets the gene for dilute (or what is frequently called 'blue'). This makes her one attractive girl for breeding!

For her first litter we paired Jazzy with CH, Witchbrews Zauberer of Trutails. Z'bear is a black smoke with white boy (for those of you who don't know all the genetic terms he's a black/white cat with the silver gene) We also know he has the potential to carry dilute. We are very excited about this future TruTails litter.

Our friend Patty Berg who is just starting out her breeding program ~ SpiritHill Cattery in Morrison ~ asked for the privledge to "foster" Jazz and her first litter.

Although the litter are 'TruTails' kittens they are being raised at Patty's home. Jazzy has proven to be an excellent mother, and Patty and Jazz are enjoying their first experience at raising her first litter of kittens. They have a variety, one silver/white, one black, one silver, one brown. All classic. No they didn't produce any smoke or dilute... maybe next time!

We want to extend a warm thank you to Patty for all her hard work with these babies. I'm sure one of the most difficult things for a breeder is to place kittens (especially the 'first' litter) this will be hard for Patty, but it's all part of the experience. What we're wondering now is... will it be one of the kittens or Jazzy who adds "of SpiritHill" to the end of their name!
We have our answer... Jazzy will become CH, TruTails All That Jazz of SpiritHill! Thank you Patty for giving this lovely girl a new home! We wish you many lovely kittens from our Jazz!




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