CH, Coonhusker Celeste-Azul of Trutails

SIRE: GC, RW, LaPalomaAzul Carson of Trutails
DAM: CH, Swanycoon Catsablanca of Coonhusker
DOB: July 1, 2001

The first DILUTE tabby in TruTails breeding program, CH, Coonhusker Celeste-Azul of Trutails is a daughter of our very own GC, RW, LaPalomaAzul Carson of Trutails. Celeste has the warm patina that is so desirable in blue tabbies. In addition, she has a strong, clear mackerel pattern that is sure to help us produce the well defined patterns and WARM brown coats that are a goal of TruTails. We love her gougeous green eyes, and her head is exactly what we want to see in our breeding program.

We want to thank Coonhusker's Debbi Fisher for allowing this lovely, typie, girl to come live with us in return for Carson's services. Celeste was the only kitten without white in a handsome group of seven, Carson and Catsi certainly had a very diverse group of babies.

Celeste became a Champion in CFA in the spring of 2002, where her great color and pattern helped to earn her a final as an open against strong competition. She is a lovely girl, but she has definate "blu-attitude" and was not very happy about the show scene.

We bred Celeste to Satchmo in the autumn of 2002, we had the potential for both non-agouti and dilute in this breeding. What we were hoping for was that elusive "solid blue," what they produced... 5 brown tabby kittens. The good news, they are very healthy, typie kittens!

For her next litter we bred Celeste to Finn, thinking he had a shot at carrying dilute from Tallulah's lines. This time we got 5 brown tabby kittens! Dennis says Celeste must not carry dilute! HAH! he's joking of course, but we wonder if either of Tallulah's sons carry the dilute gene...


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