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Read below for requirements
to adopt TruTails retired breeding/show cats.

Many people are interested in adopting adult cats...
We believe that all cats in our breeding program deserve the opportunity to retire from breeding at a relatively young age and go on to spend many years as happy, loving pets... to that end we pledge to find them loving, permanent homes. These wonderful Maine Coon "grown-ups" will be spayed or neutered before being placed. Many have been shown in Championship and could go on to be shown in Premiership... if you are interested in showing. As former show cats and breeders these cats
are wonderful examples of the Maine Coon Cat breed.

We put as much thought and care into the process of finding the 'purr'fect home for our retired adults as we do in placing our kittens. There will be a fee for adoption and new owners must sign an Adoption Agreement... so be sure to read our Placement Information below. If you have an interest in the retired adult(s), listed above please fill out an Adoption Questionnaire and submit it to us. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

We love hearing from you, and do not mind answering questions, so please feel free to contact us by Email

General Placement Information

~ We screen prospective buyers extensively, these retired breeding (or show) cats are our babies; we have a great deal of time, effort, expense and emotional involvement in them and we strive to find equally caring homes where they will find a lifetime of loving companionship.
~ Adults go to their new homes after they have recovered from their spay/neuter surgery.
~ Adults will be current on their vaccinations and have received a health check-up with their neuter surgery.
~ We will identify any special needs of these retired show/breeding cats prior to being adopted.

~ To ensure continued good health, we recommend annual vet checkups, and vaccinations every third year, per AAFP guidelines. We neither recommend nor encourage the use of FeLV or FIP vaccine. Neither vaccine is necessary for indoor-only cats and the FIP vaccine has NOT been proven to be efficacious or preventative enough to warrant its usage. Rabies vaccinations are required where we live, however, because rabies is one of the vaccines more likely to cause a vaccine-site sarcoma we believe its usage should be limited so we leave that up to the new owner based on the requirements of the cat's new location. If you choose, or are required to vaccinate for rabies, please, ask your vet to use a rabies vaccine with a reaction free adjuvant. NOTE: We strongly recommend that cats in homes with small children be vaccinated for rabies for everyone's protection.

~ All TruTails retired show/breeding cats will be spayed or neutered -- there are no exceptions to this rule!
~ TruTails cats/kittens will NOT be declawed!

Our Adoption Process

~ If you are considering adopting a kitten or retired adult from TruTails, we ask that you read and agree to the following:

Definitions of TruTails Companion/Pet, Show/Alter, Breeder

TruTails Cat/Kitten Adoption Contract

TruTails Cat/Kitten Care Information

~ If you agree to our terms, we will need to learn more about you ~ your home situation, what you're looking for, etc. We have a questionnaire for potential buyers to complete and return to us to be considered as possible adoptive homes. When responding to the adoption questionnaire, be sure to specify if you are interested in a "companion/pet" or a "show/alter" cat.

TruTails "Companion/Pet" Adoption Questionnaire

~ We will review your completed questionnaire and will let you know if any kittens from the current litters are still available.
~ Come for a visit. We encourage all members of the family to come for the visit. If everyone agrees on a potential adoption, we will ask for a deposit in order to hold the cat/kitten. We will go over the reservation and adoption agreements and settle on a delivery date.
~ Whenever possible, we like to deliver the cat/kitten to your home.
~ We follow up on placements on a regular basis. We promise not to be pests, but we do want to be informed from time-to-time about the cat's continued health and happiness.


TruTails Maine Coons is Trudie & Dennis Allen ~ our cats are our beloved friends and companions,
our *cattery* is our home, not a *business* with open hours. We make appointments for people who are seriously looking to purchase a Maine Coon kitten or adult that is CURRENTLY available.

You may reach us by Email ~ be sure to include your response to our adoption questionnaire & we promise to get back to you as promptly as our show schedule permits.
Be sure to look for us at CFA and TICA shows in the area. We hope to see you there!

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