Are You Looking For A . . .

Companion/Pet ~ as the name implies, a companion/pet may have a few, small conformation faults, but still has the wonderful "purr"sonality and temperament of the Maine Coon. The flaws these kittens have may be so minor that only we can see them; such as a slight bump on the profile, a slightly recessed chin, ears that are not large enough for our taste or any kind of flaw that would keep us from wanting to have the kitten shown.

TruTails kittens are not released to their new homes until they are 12-16 weeks of age ~ healthy and with current vaccinations. Also please be aware, because we are very particular, we might have a litter of kittens and not be able to decide on their "quality" until ten weeks, sometimes longer. We know the wait can be hard on our buyers, but we sometimes must keep kittens that long to ensure that a buyer wanting a show quality kitten is getting a kitten we can stand behind and be proud of in the show hall.

Show/Alter ~ many people have a competitive nature and enjoy the show ring but aren't interested in breeding. In this situation, the cat has the temperament AND conformation to the breed standard to be competitive in the show ring. Also, most breeders started out showing cats in the alter/premiership class. If you are interested in a show/alter, contact us to discuss this possibility further.

Show/Breeder ~ So You Want to Raise Kittens? While this may sound like the ideal situation, breeding is NOT for everyone. Only on a 'RARE' occasion will TruTails agree to let a cat/kitten go as a "whole, intact" animal. We do not release breeding rights lightly, this is done only after we have been assured the new home is prepared for cat breeding. An extensive breeder questionnaire is required by TruTails prior to us releasing a kitten/cat as a 'breeder'. We require references from prospective buyers and pedigrees/photos of the cats with which they are already working. A special adoption contract is also required. If you are interested in a 'breeder', contact us to discuss this possibility further.



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