CH, TruTails Epiphany

SIRE: GC, RW, LaPaloma Azul Carson of TruTails
DAM: CH, Idlemaine Britney of TruTails
DOB: March, 2001

CH, TruTails Epiphany, or Pip as she's called, is a fabulous warm brown mackerel tabby girl with an "apricot" undercoat. She has a wonderful, dense, shaggy coat and the most beautiful "Bottle Brush" tail. Pippy was frequently referred to in the show hall as the cat with the big tail, I don't think there was ever a judge that did not comment on it. Pip developed very good size and excellent boning for a female.

Pippy survived as the only kitten in CH Idlemaine Britney of TruTails' first litter. When Pip was two weeks old, we were called away from home for three weeks. When we left, we all agreed (including the vet) that this kitten was going to be a fabulous little boy. He had wonderful head structure, great boning, a very loooong body, and the beginnings of a lovely coat ~ all of the good things that make a Maine Coon male great. During the three weeks that were gone, Pip didn't have the opportunity to interact with any other kittens or have the normal socialization with people that we normally give our kittens. When we arrived home it was clear that this little guy would need some special attention and lots of gentle handling and loving. It was during one of these times that Trudie discovered that this "sex change fairy" had paid us a visit, and this handsome little guy, became a lovely female!!! I guess you could say we had an "epiphany" and of course that became her name.

Pip attended several CFA shows as a champion and was on her way toward the title of Grand Champion. But we couldn't wait to have our first litter of Trutails x Trutails kittens. A date between "Chip" and Pip was arranged, ~ that is GC, Trutails Chip Off The Ol'Block and CH, Trutails Epiphany. Pippin was a wonderful mama, but has told us she'd rather be in a home with a lower cat to human ratio. Pip is now retired from breeding and has moved to her new home in New Mexico.



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