GC, RW, LaPalomaAzul Carson of Trutails


SIRE: GC, NW, Terrificats P.C. Gambit, DM
DAM: CH LaPalomaAzul Abiquiu
DOB - February 9, 1995

LaPalomaAzul Carson of TruTails is a Grand Champion in CFA Carsonand a Regional Winner in CFA's Gulf Shore Region in the 1996-97 show season. We have been told by his breeder that he was very realaxed and comfortable on the judging table, even rolling over and letting the judges scratch his tummy. A very desirable trait in such a large cat!

Carson came to us at 5 1/2 years old from his breeder Marilyn Wilbur. He is a sweet boy that still loves tummy rubs! He spent his first afternoon at our house making himself a favorite of our granddaughter, Danielle. Dani was six at the time & Carson quickly found her lap to be a favorite spot ~ maybe it was her expert chin rubs & ear scritches. At a solid 20 pounds he was almost as big as she was!

Carson, is a warm Brown Classic Tabby with White. He carries dilute, non-agouti and the ability to mask white. He is a really big boy ~ his neck is HUGE! He has a wonderful long body and tail, and a fabulous pattern. We love the kittens we are getting out of this handsome fellow and we anticipate his impact on our breeding program to be fantastic!

Carson's gene pool is a strong one, notice the resemblance of his first born "TruTails" son to him and then go back a generation you will see a strong resemblance between Carson and his sire, GC, NW, Terrificats P.C. Gambit, DM, who is a National winner in the Cat Fancier's Association, also CFA's Best Maine Coon Cat in 1987-88 show season.

We are truly fortunate to have the addition of this wonderful male in our breeding program! A huge Thank You! to Marilyn Wilbur of LaPalomaAzul cattery for allowing your precious Carson to finish his stud career with TruTails Maine Coon Cattery.



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