CH, Idlemaine Britney of TruTails


SIRE: Solkatz Pretty Boy Floid
DAM: GC, Texas Belle Bria of Idlemaine
DOB: December 31, 1999

A Brown Patch McTabby with White, Idlemaine's Britney of TruTails has marvelous pattern and intense color.As you can see in the pictures her Britney "patches" of red are very HOT. We love her expression, her eye color is wonderful, and her lynx tips are just icing on the cake. She is truly the "Prom Queen" of TruTails.

Britney's sire, Solkatz Pretty Boy Floid, is a tri-colored male ~ Red, White & BLUE ~ the dilute (blue) mixed with non-dilute (red) on the same cat and three colors on a male ~all considered to be a "genetic impossibility," but don't tell him that! He is a very nice boy who is untitled because there is no color class for him to compete in.
Out of GC, Texas Belle Bria of Idlemaine, a very lovely calico female, Britney carries non-agouti, and and of course red, and who knows what else from her unusual sire. We anxiously await the variety of kitten colors we can get from her. Her first kitten looks like a real winner, and we are really excited about her second more colorful litter out of TruTails Satchmo.
Britney had a wonderful show career as a kitten, and she became a Champion in CFA before starting her breeding career. We hope to take Britney back to the show circut between litters. We love this wonderful, very typey girl!!!
Pat Idleman of Idlemaine in Oklahoma City, OK was one of our first contacts in the cat fancy, and we are truly honered to have Idlemaine's Britney in our breeding program. We want to say a special thanks to Pat for all her support and advice!


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