CH, Coonyham Tallulah of TruTails


SIRE: SGC, RW, IW,Coonyham Lone Star
DAM: SGC, RW, Coonyham Sonoma
DOB - September 1, 1999

A Warm Brown Classic Tabby with Low White, CH, Coonyham's Tallulah of TruTails has the "look" that we want in TruTails. She is a large, long, rangy girl. We love her lynxtips, and that Tallulah C/Uwonderful strong muzzle. She is very Flashy!

Tallulah, our first breeding female, is a Champion in both CFA & TICA. She took a short break from the show scene to have her first litter of kittens in fall of 2000. She returned to the CFA circuit to work on "grand points" in the same show her kittens made their debut. Between litters we are confident this lovely girl will become a CFA Grand Champion. It'll be interesting to see if she becomes a DM first.

Around home Tallulah is the "boss." As the oldest of the breeding females, she is in charge! She is an exceptional "mom cat," and she loves all the babies.

Tallulah is a "TICA" type cat. Both of her parents are Supreme Grand Champions & Regional Winners in TICA. SGC, RW Coonyham Sonoma was also shown in FIFe where she was Best Aggregate Maine Coon at TICA's first show in Austria & Best Maine Coon out of over 100 Maine Coon cats/kittens/alters including the current World Winner AND... voted Supreme Cat in Show over every single entry (BOB1) at the following FIFe show.

We cannot thank Laura & Sharon Cunningham of Coonyham, in Pleasanton, CA. enough for our first breeding female. She is our dream come true!


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