CH, TruTails Theodosia

Sire: GC, RW, Kankoonkats Lil'Britches
Dam: GC, Dragonmaine Annika-Seti of TruTails
DOB: May 27, 2001

A beautifulBrown Mackerel Tabby with White, Teddie was the only female born in Annika's first litter. We love the size and boning on this girl, we think she looks a lot like her sire Lil'Britches, and her temperament couldn't be better.

Trutails Theodosia was named for her cuddly "Teddy Bear" look. And she truly is a cuddly, loving, goofy girl. She can frequently be found hanging half off one of the shelves on the cat tree. She loves toys and games of any kind. She is a Champion in CFA and about 1/2 way to becoming a grand champion. While she tolerated the show hall she didn't "love it" so we decided to take a break on the show scene and have a litter from this handsome lady.

Teddie's first litter only produced one kitten and we loved the type on this girl, so we bred Teddie again, this time to Durango ~ better luck this go 'round... she produced five kittens, all brown tabby and white. Four girls and one boy. We are very excited about this litter of kittens. Perhaps you'll see them and Teddie out on the show circuit in 2004.


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