Kali's Kittens

~ Kaleioscope's First Litter ~
Three Boys ~ Four Girls
Born August 16, 2004

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We have a dream of granding 5 kittens from Kali's first litter to earn her the title of Distinguished Merit (DM) in one litter... two of the females are already on their way, Jubi (CH, Trutails Cherries Jubilee) and Dottie (CH, TruTails Bea Hotdots of Texas Belle). It is our hope to achieve the title of Grand (either Champion or Premier) on the three kitties pictured below. If you would be seriously willing to commit to showing and granding one of these handsome cats please contact us! If you are simply interested in adopting them after they earn their grand title please let us know that too!

Floyd & Cosmo


Read more about these three below.....

CH, TruTails Cosmopolitan
Cameo MacTabby/White
~ Available Show/Alter ~

Cosmo is a large handsome "Pink" boy,
he has a wonderful shaggy coat just
like his sire! His spectacular tail
will take your breath away!

CH, TruTails Pink Floyd
Cameo MacTabby/White
~ Available Show/Alter ~

Floyd is a very typie handsome
youngster. You have to see these
guys in person to appreciate their
color and shaggy coats.

TruTails Pentangle
Brown Tabby/White
~ Available Show/Alter ~

Penny was named for the shape of
the dots on her back, connect them
and make a pentangle. She is a sweet
and very typie high white girl.

The "MANDALA" Litter

"mandala" = the colorful design made by a kaleidoscope
what better name for Kaleidoscope's colorful litter of seven kittens?


Available Show Home ONLY!
~ Cosmopolitan ~
This handsome kitten is a Cameo tabby w/white male, (that's a red cat with the silver gene). When choosing a name for him we thought this kaleidoscope had a good ring to it. His color makes him seem very 'cosmopolitan!... Don't you agree?

By: Rioux


Magic Maker
By: Collier
~ Pentangle ~
"Penny" is a high white brown tabby female. We chose Magic Maker as the Kaleidoscope for her because the 5 spots on her back are spaced like the corners of a pentacle. We think she's a classic tabby... but her body spots
are to small to be certain.

Available Show Home ONLY!

Available Show Home ONLY!
~ Pink Floyd~
Yep, another Cameo tabby w/white male! We chose his kaleidoscope because it seemed to fit him. As the second cameo tabby born in this crew, this guy seems to be 'retrofit'... and up for any mischief his litter mates think of!

By: Rioux

By: Koch
~ Cherries Jubilee ~
Isn't she the cutest lil' thing? She has matching red spots on the back of both ears. We think she's as yummy as Cherries Jubilee! Her kaleidoscope is Jubilee, but it's made from cherry wood!
We got our wish... another calico!

~ Staying Here ~

Hot Dots
~ Bea HotDots ~
Dotty is a black/white female. She has most unusual markings, she's spotted like a 'DalMAINEtian.' When we discovered a kaleidoscope named Hot Dots it seemed perfect for her! Dotty is on her way to becoming a new "Texas Belle"

~ Adopted ~

~ Adopted ~
~ Hurley Boy ~
left for his new home in CA. Hurley adopted our nephew Nathan during his visit here Thanksgiving weekend. Hurley is to smart & to sweet for words. He has the 'worm factor'... wormin' his way into our hearts! And the hearts of Shannon, Kim and Nathan too!

By: Paretti


Dream Keeper
By: Collier
~ Never On Sundae ~
She looks a lot like her great-grandma, Sundae Dreamin'... it seemed like an obvious choice to be the Dream Keeper!
Sundae is now living with Bob and Jace in Colorado Springs



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