TruTails Maine Coon Cats
Cat/Kitten Adoption Questionnaire

The intent of this questionnaire is to help us at TruTails Maine Coon Cattery evaluate potential parents and their environments for the placement of our cats & kittens. It is our desire to make the best possible match between our kittens and their future families. (PLEASE NOTE: All information provided will be kept confidential and used only for this purpose.) We maintain a waiting list on the cats/kittens currently available only. During the time from birth to 10-12 weeks we determine what we believe to be the "quality" of the indivudual kitten (i.e. show/breeder, show/alter, pet). Next we match your preferences for show or pet quality, sex, color, pattern, age, etc. to the kittens we have available. We do not accept reservations on kittens prior to 10 weeks of age. Kittens go to their new homes between 12 - 16 weeks of age.

NOTE: Sorry, it is not possible for us to maintain an ongoing waiting list... If you do not get a kitten from the current litter, and you wish to be considered for a future litter, simply email us and indicate the next litter you wish to be considered for. You will not be required to fill out a new questionnaire, but please remind us of your full name and phone number. Click here to see planned breedings.


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Address: Apt#:
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*Home Phone: Work Phone:
*Email Address:
When is the best time to reach you? Where?
List the number of adults living in the household: Their occupations:
List the number of children in the household: Their ages: Hold down control key when selecting multiple ages
How long have you lived at your current residence? years Type of residence:
If renting, does your landlord or homeowner's association allow pets? Yes No
Are you planning on moving in the next year? Yes No
Are you or anyone in your household active in any animal related business or organizations?
Yes No If yes, please select one.
Are you interested in getting a Maine Coon as a (Select all that apply):
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When do you want a kitten/cat?
Are you interested in a Male Female No Preference?
Are you interested in a

Do you have a color preference? Yes No
If yes, what color? What pattern?
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List which of the current litter(s) or current breedings(s) you are interested in. (example: Lil'Britches x Tallulah). You can see the current litters, and breedings on "Our Kittens Page"
Are you getting the cat for yourself or as a gift for someone else?
How many hours in a day will the cat/kitten spend alone at home?
Where will the cat stay during the day?
Where will the cat stay during the night?
Who will be the primary caretaker of this cat/kitten?
Have you contacted other Maine Coon Breeders? Yes No If yes, who?
Have you ever owned a CAT/KITTEN before? Yes No If so, how many?
What breed(s)?
How old are they?
Are they altered? Yes No
Are they declawed? Yes No
Are they in good health? Yes No
Are they current with their vaccinations? Yes No
Are they (select one): If indoors, how often do you clean litter boxes? days
Do you presently own OTHER animals (dog, rabbit, etc)? Yes No
If so how many?
What are they?
Do you currently have a veterinarian? Yes No
May we contact them for a reference? Yes No
If yes, please give us their name and telephone number.
How did you hear about us?
Cat show?
Referred by someone? Who?
Web site? If not ours, who's?
Please feel free to add any other comments that you'd like to share about yourself
or why you think you could provide the Ideal home for one (or more) of our kitties.