GC, BW, NW, Trutails Court Jester

Sire: GC, Trutails Romance In The Air
Dam: CH, Trutails Pumpkin Patch

D.O.B April 1, 2007


GC, BW, NW, Trutails Court Jester, or Jesse, was born on April Fools Day 2007. With his unique black & white markings, and given his birthday, the purrfect name for him seemed to be Court Jester.

Jesse has always had huge boning and tremendous size. As a four month old kitten he weighed several pounds more than his nice sized red & white littermate, Trutails Joke's On You (Joey). Jesse is a not only large, he is very balanced and has fabulous deep black color to contrast with his sparkling white!

Jesse is special for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is having been born at the same time Dennis was diagnosed with head/neck cancer. Jesse gave us a reason during Dennis' chemo & radiation to make the effort to go to a few local shows during the 2007-08 show season. We are proud to say that Jesse earned enough points in those shows to become not only the 26th best kitten in our region but to acheive a Regional Win in Championship... proving to us that he truly was as special as we thought!

Given Jesse's success as a youngster and Dennis improved health, we decided to try for a National Win with him in the 2008-09 show year. Jess made his debute at the first ever "double-six" show in Temple, TX and we haven't looked back.

Jesse has been the highest scoring cat at several shows and has gone to shows like CFA's Garden State, National Capitol, and Cotton States where he has been very well rewarded. At this time Jesse is the highest scoring Maine Coon Cat and the highest scoring Long Hair cat in CFA. He has been in the top three cats for several months. We have no idea what the future may hold for us in the show hall, but we are looking forward to the remainder of the show year with great anticipation.

Hopefully we will see you somewhere on the "campaign trail" during our first attempt at a National Win in CFA!

WOW!! Coongratulations Jesse!!
Jesse ended the 2009 show year as the BEST Maine Coon Cat in CFA Globally, Fourth BEST Cat in CFA Globally and the BEST CAT in the CFA Gulfshore Region.
WOW!! What a Year!!


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